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Princess Beatrice of York(‘s hat)

EVERRRRYONE’S talking about Princess Beatrice of York. Well, they’re talking about her “brave or awful” hat.

How do I put it, hmm. I loved it, and I’d wear it in a heartbeat, and no I strongly do not believe that she committed the 8th sin.

She is classy and her choice of ┬áValentino was stunning. Since we’re each entitled to our opinions, I’d like to add how I thought Pippa didn’t look a bit wow-ish. She was more bla, in my opinion. Her derriere was not all that and the fact that she wore Alexander McQueen means nada.

Would I like to believe my taste is superior over to the worlds?

Not at all. It’s called style, and that’s a hard one to achieve.

Everybody’s beautiful in their own way, make love not fashion war.