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Bridezilla gone wrong?

Just came across this on buzzfeed’s 45 most powerful images of the year¬†and it really upset me ūüė¶

I could poke fun at it and say it’s the Chinese version of Bridezilla, however I paused for a couple of seconds and thought daynnnng that’s a horrible thing ūüė¶



22 year old Miss Li was dumped by her fiance, idk the details and the article in The Telegraph isn’t very clear either.. but we know she ended up doing this…

So none of us know what exactly happened in the relationship, so we’re going to refrain from making assumptions, yea?

This may come as a tad insensitive, but what I noticed was that, even dangling in the air from the 7th floor in a rather unflattering position (for most normal women) Miss Li made a very pretty bride in her very pretty dress.

Bless her heart and the shit she has to go through…. Eventually things will be fine and not to sound like Agony Aunt but ya know….

You can read the article on The Telegraph. 


Another phase for Bridezilla

I happened to come across this picture and it so describes me atm with my darling man. Unfortunately of course, but I have to come to terms with the bitch I’ve turned into. And yes I’m publicizing it because I don’t think it’s only Arab brides who do this, but most other brides too- unless they’re perfect. I am not.


For some odd reason, I can’t help it! I’m blaming hormones and bride shit. ¬†

p.s. I’m just helping women around the world.

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Rita Hayworth- my March Muzzah (Jeddah talk)

Here’s a woman I think is beautiful. She is so radiant, charming, attractive, and much more. It’s more a ‘she made the era-kinda thing’ for me.

Rita Hayworth has flawless skin, great features and she is very ordinary looking in that beautiful way. She has been this months inspiration for me.

Rita looking relaxed yet glamorous.

A more sultry Rita, working the highlights.

Rita being a swell brunette.

Rita’s lingerie shoot?

Rita’s Red-Hair.


Now for some bridal Rita inspired stuff *hughjasssmile*


Cz I ‚̧ Ines Di Santo



Cz I think the word Mouselline sounds like Mousse and I think it’s yum.



Cz I love the color of this photo. Sorry photography friends, I know not your lingo.



I’m pretty much in love with the 30’s plus the wedding’s gonna be about entertaining all my old Aunts and Uncles, who used to look like Rita (back in the day) so they’d have fun, I think. ? .

The Arab “Wedding Planning” Strategy

Wallahi breaking it down and tackling each lil thing’s the way to do it.

We Arabs always do that.

We also form committees and assign each member of the committee a task.¬†And our¬†secret to¬†excellent food,¬†as-loud-ass-as-can-be¬†fireworks, flawless make-up,¬†merriment and wild dabke-filled¬†weddings ain’t¬†a mystery. It’s the¬†muhnaay.

I am proud to admit that we enjoy¬†“tipping” now and then. And to¬†achieve your dream wedding (or anything for that matter in the Levant aka Bilad Al Sham), you have to tip a lot.

Obviously, an Arab bridezilla¬†tips, so does her sister- the Maid of Honor,¬†her mother as well as her father and miscellaneous members of the family, and last but not least- the members on¬†Bridezillas’ committee. Oh and her husband (Bridezilla always assumes the wedding is about her).

A large part of the wedding budget¬†goes to tipping in the Levant. So,¬†yes an Arab would google and research the latest on everything required for a wedding, and¬†then she’d¬†tell someone to¬†do it for her. ¬†¬†

Here are some of the things necessary for a standard wedding throughout the world. Arabian weddings and Western ones are similar, except Arabs have more fun because we exfoliate with expensive white sand from the deserts of Palmyra months before the wedding, bathe in rare Damascus-rose water, eat Jordanian za3tar with olive oil from the lands of Palestine, and support overpriced Lebanese¬†designers. So we’re prepped to paahtay!

So I’ve been thinking a lot and have roughly estimated what a wedding would need.¬†¬†

1. Venue

2. Cake.

3. A color combo?

4. An Arabian Horse.

5. Flowers and pots and stuff.

 6. The DRESS! ( I was saving the best for last)

And the list shall go on…


My first entry in this blog is dedicated to you, for many reasons.

Lets jus say, I have analysed the situation thorougly and due to the tons of hours I have spent on psychology, I figured you wouldn’t want to be bothered with wedding stuff. And also because you so politely “leave the entire planning to me”. Btw, loving your businessman tricks!

Darling, this lil blog will also assist you with identifying the various phases I will be immersed in during my numerous, diversified Bridezilla phases.

In man language, this¬†will be an online scrapbook of things I’d like or I envision, or things I appreciate simply because they are pretty honey…. You do not have to stress out about getting them for me or finding a solution.

p.s. You do not have to reply to anything, and you have the right to dismiss what you may see without need of an explanation, unless I request one without any notice because I am like that and you love me. Also, I do not indulge in any illegal substances and I am on no medication, nor will I need to see a physician at any point inshala. You have entered this zone because you are too busy to plan the wedding with me at this point, right honey.

Elsker dig.