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The Body Barber

Sugaring, and waxing.

We’re introduced to it when we hit puberty.

These are the most typical forms of hair removal in the Arab world. Thing is they’re sticky, annoying, painful and we’ve been dealing with it since we were 14. Ofc the results are splendid and the benefits, immense but in today’s world we simply don’t have time.

Kewl thing is the younger generation have laser. I love thee Technology. Arab girls aged 15 already start getting their body lasered, so to not suffer with unsightly body hair.

When laser came out ca. 15 years ago, Arab women pillaged laser clinics or actually traveled abroad to have their hair removed. Thus beginning the laser revolution.

With trial and error, lotsa women in the Middle East got burnt due to the lack of expertise and experience on olive colored skin. And even the most professional, recognized Dermatologist couldn’t and can’t always nail it.

15 years later, I find you still have to choose your Dermatologist wisely AND don’t ever be ladylike or demure about your skin, cz ladies,  you can get burnt. Literally.

Naturally being a bride means excessive pampering and maintenance. And that’s where the Body Barber comes in. You’ve either been going through laser sessions or decide to embark on a laser mission. Whichever it is, it’s not pain-free and if you’re a worrywart, keep waxing.

Despite how personal a topic of such is, let’s face it, from an anthropology point of view, Arab women are blessed with darker hair. We make an effort with grooming and a lot of our lives revolve around wanting to look our bestest. Such is life, and an Arabian Bridezilla’s got it rougher cz I am one.


Some things you jus wana hug

Yes, some things you really jus wana hug, like this beautiful veil. I love it! It’s such a perfect Bubble Veil, and look at how pretty it looks!!

It’s not that I’m emotional and I love beautiful things because I’m an Arabian terrorist Bride (honey) I’m jus regular.

With all this happening in the Arab world, I have to admit that I haven’t been focusing that much on the wedding. I think, I only once in a while dream of it now.

So fairytale-like…

Such a perfect venue….

I know the Arab world is full of history which includes castles, ruins, forts and the likes…. Simply spectacular I believe…

I jus think a venue such as this would be heavenly…. My brain however says, there are seasons and since we don’t have the best weather forecasts, one never knows when to predict what ofc, but this is just magical you guys!!

Yet again, I wonder how my family would react lmao!! Maybe, why not? My country, my history, my choice, my wedding, says Bridezilla *winky face*


Arabian Wedding Cake or Not.

Ofc there’s always a standard classic wedding cake that our Arab families like/ prefer and will only have. There’s also the other kind of cake Arab families will only have, and its the standard classic cake PERIOD. You get my point.

Can we break this stupid classic-cake-conformist cycle? I highly doubt it with the passion our families have! I’m so close to saying “Screw the other revolutions, a wedding is a revolution of its own and the cake, a key player.”

It could be my conservative, bla bla classy background and my family’s opinionated views but whatever. I believe you breathe ‘classy’ into things. You either have it, or you don’t.

To make a long story short, I want this cake and I can’t have it! *pout*

It’s pretty, different and classy. And I like it!

… why’d we think it was easy?


…. and then suddenly it strikes me, being in a relationship with the man you are about to marry is not easy.


Put *butterflies in your tummy* love aside, there’s a lot of hard work involved in making a relationship work…. A LOT!!


There’s so much you learn, despite how well-read you might be… Truth is, you’re really not and you’re really not that prepared either.

On a more positive note, you learn. Andddddd THANK GOD for that God-given ability to learn, and to adapt.  Some things are serious, and how come Arab families never mentioned this one in their life long wedding prepping of their daughters?? Yes we learnt how to cook, clean, serve, proper etiquette, being feminine and all that… but no one said “7beebti, you’re gonna have a rough time cz men are immensely different than women” unless they did and I missed out on those subtle hints…..


That don’t mean the loving stops, it just grows, gets better and stronger *mashala*

Every Arabian Brides Secret Drink.

No, its no funky concoction of ginger and flower tea or some honey and applecider vinegar- it’s simple water. You have your choice of a 1 Riyal .30 liter bottle of local, spring water or an 8 dolla bottle of expensive European imported woh-tah. Who cares, it’s water and that is V-I-T-A-L. Especially if you want healthy looking skin sans uncontrollable coughing due to all the “pollution” surrounding us and yes I am ignoring the bad habits.

I am blogging about this, because it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I’ve been up since 7:30 and I have just realised how I haven’t had any water today.

3 cups of instant coffee and 1 can of diet Cola certainly is NOT the healthiest way to go about (I try to convince myself)

So yes, wallahi water rocks.