Who am I?

Really, I like to believe I’m nice.

So I was waiting for the perfect man to come along, and he did and now we’re getting hitched,,,, and what happens!!!?!!??!

I transform!! I transform into a beast. This transformation can best be identified with the likes of a deadly virus. This virus, however, simply creeps up and infects every primarily vital cell of niceness in your once oh-so-pure being. And the rest is history….

Now, I am a believer. I believe in Bridezilla.

Ofc, I only realised this when the people I love referred to me as Bridezilla.

My only concern is- I’m not just a Bridezilla, I’m also Arab. That’s worse than a terrorist, some say.

My prayer is that God gives my own family as well as my new family the strength to endure the Arabian Bridezilla that has been unleashed.

This is where I will utter and express violence, intertwined with extravagant raging in an obsessive manner forever.

Getting married is special!


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