Bridezilla gone wrong?

Just came across this on buzzfeed’s 45 most powerful images of the year and it really upset me 😦

I could poke fun at it and say it’s the Chinese version of Bridezilla, however I paused for a couple of seconds and thought daynnnng that’s a horrible thing 😦



22 year old Miss Li was dumped by her fiance, idk the details and the article in The Telegraph isn’t very clear either.. but we know she ended up doing this…

So none of us know what exactly happened in the relationship, so we’re going to refrain from making assumptions, yea?

This may come as a tad insensitive, but what I noticed was that, even dangling in the air from the 7th floor in a rather unflattering position (for most normal women) Miss Li made a very pretty bride in her very pretty dress.

Bless her heart and the shit she has to go through…. Eventually things will be fine and not to sound like Agony Aunt but ya know….

You can read the article on The Telegraph. 


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