Princess Beatrice of York(‘s hat)

EVERRRRYONE’S talking about Princess Beatrice of York. Well, they’re talking about her “brave or awful” hat.

How do I put it, hmm. I loved it, and I’d wear it in a heartbeat, and no I strongly do not believe that she committed the 8th sin.

She is classy and her choice of  Valentino was stunning. Since we’re each entitled to our opinions, I’d like to add how I thought Pippa didn’t look a bit wow-ish. She was more bla, in my opinion. Her derriere was not all that and the fact that she wore Alexander McQueen means nada.

Would I like to believe my taste is superior over to the worlds?

Not at all. It’s called style, and that’s a hard one to achieve.

Everybody’s beautiful in their own way, make love not fashion war.


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One response to “Princess Beatrice of York(‘s hat)

  • shahdan

    i TOTALLY AGREE with the Peppa thing,i wasnt that impressed by her style.I just LOVED her tan and the contrast of the emerald green on her skin.

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