Rita Hayworth- my March Muzzah (Jeddah talk)

Here’s a woman I think is beautiful. She is so radiant, charming, attractive, and much more. It’s more a ‘she made the era-kinda thing’ for me.

Rita Hayworth has flawless skin, great features and she is very ordinary looking in that beautiful way. She has been this months inspiration for me.

Rita looking relaxed yet glamorous.

A more sultry Rita, working the highlights.

Rita being a swell brunette.

Rita’s lingerie shoot?

Rita’s Red-Hair.


Now for some bridal Rita inspired stuff *hughjasssmile*


Cz I ❤ Ines Di Santo



Cz I think the word Mouselline sounds like Mousse and I think it’s yum.



Cz I love the color of this photo. Sorry photography friends, I know not your lingo.



I’m pretty much in love with the 30’s plus the wedding’s gonna be about entertaining all my old Aunts and Uncles, who used to look like Rita (back in the day) so they’d have fun, I think. ? .


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