… why’d we think it was easy?


…. and then suddenly it strikes me, being in a relationship with the man you are about to marry is not easy.


Put *butterflies in your tummy* love aside, there’s a lot of hard work involved in making a relationship work…. A LOT!!


There’s so much you learn, despite how well-read you might be… Truth is, you’re really not and you’re really not that prepared either.

On a more positive note, you learn. Andddddd THANK GOD for that God-given ability to learn, and to adapt.  Some things are serious, and how come Arab families never mentioned this one in their life long wedding prepping of their daughters?? Yes we learnt how to cook, clean, serve, proper etiquette, being feminine and all that… but no one said “7beebti, you’re gonna have a rough time cz men are immensely different than women” unless they did and I missed out on those subtle hints…..


That don’t mean the loving stops, it just grows, gets better and stronger *mashala*


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One response to “… why’d we think it was easy?

  • Sharifa

    I thought of the same exact thing!! why don’t they ever teach us how to tolerate, cope, compromise and handle the opposite sex? Why did they think it was sooo important to teach us how to cook, clean, and behave, but never thought to teach us or even MENTION what it would really be like?

    I think we should have had some kind of class in school. lol, its the only way to partially prepare us for the many differences between men and women.

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