The Arab “Wedding Planning” Strategy

Wallahi breaking it down and tackling each lil thing’s the way to do it.

We Arabs always do that.

We also form committees and assign each member of the committee a task. And our secret to excellent food, as-loud-ass-as-can-be fireworks, flawless make-up, merriment and wild dabke-filled weddings ain’t a mystery. It’s the muhnaay.

I am proud to admit that we enjoy “tipping” now and then. And to achieve your dream wedding (or anything for that matter in the Levant aka Bilad Al Sham), you have to tip a lot.

Obviously, an Arab bridezilla tips, so does her sister- the Maid of Honor, her mother as well as her father and miscellaneous members of the family, and last but not least- the members on Bridezillas’ committee. Oh and her husband (Bridezilla always assumes the wedding is about her).

A large part of the wedding budget goes to tipping in the Levant. So, yes an Arab would google and research the latest on everything required for a wedding, and then she’d tell someone to do it for her.   

Here are some of the things necessary for a standard wedding throughout the world. Arabian weddings and Western ones are similar, except Arabs have more fun because we exfoliate with expensive white sand from the deserts of Palmyra months before the wedding, bathe in rare Damascus-rose water, eat Jordanian za3tar with olive oil from the lands of Palestine, and support overpriced Lebanese designers. So we’re prepped to paahtay!

So I’ve been thinking a lot and have roughly estimated what a wedding would need.  

1. Venue

2. Cake.

3. A color combo?

4. An Arabian Horse.

5. Flowers and pots and stuff.

 6. The DRESS! ( I was saving the best for last)

And the list shall go on…


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