My first entry in this blog is dedicated to you, for many reasons.

Lets jus say, I have analysed the situation thorougly and due to the tons of hours I have spent on psychology, I figured you wouldn’t want to be bothered with wedding stuff. And also because you so politely “leave the entire planning to me”. Btw, loving your businessman tricks!

Darling, this lil blog will also assist you with identifying the various phases I will be immersed in during my numerous, diversified Bridezilla phases.

In man language, this will be an online scrapbook of things I’d like or I envision, or things I appreciate simply because they are pretty honey…. You do not have to stress out about getting them for me or finding a solution.

p.s. You do not have to reply to anything, and you have the right to dismiss what you may see without need of an explanation, unless I request one without any notice because I am like that and you love me. Also, I do not indulge in any illegal substances and I am on no medication, nor will I need to see a physician at any point inshala. You have entered this zone because you are too busy to plan the wedding with me at this point, right honey.

Elsker dig.


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